Robinson & Robinson, Inc.

About Robinson & Robinson, Inc.

The Lehigh Valley's Boutique Broker-Dealer

We treat you like a person, not a number.

We make a special effort to know you personally. We ask what kind of future you want for yourself and your family, what you are willing to risk and what you are not. Then we offer honest, well-informed advice to turn your goals into reality.

Regardless of how much you can afford to invest, we give you the attenton most brokers save for their wealthiest clients. We stay in touch to keep you informed - not simply recommend investments.

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Our recommendations benefit you, not us.

Some investment firms have a vested interest in the securities they sell. We do not, and feel that is an important difference. At Robinson & Robinson, we recommend investments objectively based on your financial needs and goals.

We never pressure you to invest more than you should or take more risk than you feel comfortable with. Because we respect you as a person, we honor your judgment and particular financial situation.

We believe investing is like building a house: you start with a rock-solid foundation and build upward from there. That is why Robinson & Robinson favors conservative, steady-growth investments - the kind that reward you over time.

We are the tortoise, not the hare. Remember who won the race.

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